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About Myself

As you have no doubt guessed, this page is about me: Jonathan Kayser.

I'm one of those crazy homeschoolers from Omaha, Nebraska who is ahead of schedule and is attending college early. Some of the things I fill my time with are:
Work, School, Skating, Eating and nearly most importantly, Sleeping

It really is amazing that I'm wasting my time putting this useless website together. I don't have time, its a pain in the neck, and basically nobody ever reads this whats the point? Whatever the are here, reading this babbleing, not knowing where it could go. I know what your thinking...Actually I don't, but who cares.

I know! I'll talk about egocentric, incongruous descripulatory information regarding the nature and character of what makes up, who else by myself! Wait a minute! Isn't that the trap that everyone else falls into when ever they write autobiographies! If I were to fall into that trap also, I would be no better than any of those other morons who have too much time on their hands and DSL at the same time!

If all I ever talked about is egomaniacal, self-centered, vainglorious information of myself, this website wouldn't be any better than anyone else's stupid little time wasting, electricity consumer, bandwidth absorbing, sleep depleting, brain dissolving egocentric autobiography!

Enjoy the rest of this site!