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Banning Swords and Laser Pointers by John R. Lott, Jr. (Great Article!)

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The Reformed Reconstructionist Worldview

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Entrepreneurship Suffers Textbook Case of Neglect


Feast in a box, by R.C. Sproul Jr.

Are Working Moms Okay? A response to R.C.Sproul Jr.

Jennie Chancey Responds to Titus 2 Cynics


Noah's Ark in 2002


Social problems cannot be solved by constitutional amendments or government edicts. Nationalizing marriage laws will only grant more power over our lives to the federal government, even if for supposedly conservative ends. Throughout the 20th century, the relentless federalization of state law served the interests of the cultural left, and we should not kid ourselves that the same practice now can save freedom and morality. True conservatives and libertarians should understand that the solution to our moral and cultural decline does not lie in a strong centralized government.